ASTRIL // Autonomous System Technologies Research & Integration Laboratory

ASTRIL is broadly interested in the area of Robotics and Unmanned Systems. The research focuses on Simulation, Guidance, Navigation and Control for Unmanned Vehicles in general and Aerial Vehicles in particular. Projects focus on robotic exploration: particularly in air and space. They span from algorithmic design and implementation to field experimentation of aerial robots that explore difficult, dangerous and usually inaccessible places on earth and other planetary bodies.  Click for more about our Current Projects 

Current Research Themes

  • GPS-denied Estimation and Navigation: This project’s focus is on developing robust algorithms for estimating the state (position, attitude and velocity) of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in GPS denied environments using a combination of Vision, LIDAR and Inertial Sensors.
  • Obstacle Avoidance, Mapping and Navigation: The focus is on developing algorithms for obstacle avoidance based on Vision for fixed wing and rotary   aerial vehicles
  • Autonomous Landing on Moving Targets: This work deals with the design and implementation of a real-time, vision-based landing algorithm for an autonomous helicopter. The landing algorithm is integrated with algorithms for visual acquisition of the target (a helipad), and navigation to the target, from an arbitrary initial position and orientation. We plan to  use vision for precise target detection and recognition, and a combination of vision and GPS for navigation.
  • Underwater Mapping: Using a combination of Vision and Inertial Sensors this project focusses on developing algorithms for mapping and navigation for autonomous vehicles