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Our Mission

Make Change

Help drive positive change in society by connecting researchers at Arizona State University to collaboratively pursue advancements in robotics technologies, systems and education that will serve our most critical needs.

Leverage our Community

Solve our problems more quickly and effectively by utilizing ASU’s growing, multidisciplinary research community and expanding its impact by establishing high-quality research relationships with industry, government and the public.

Solve Problems

Explore the potential of robotics to help meet an array of challenges in the realms of health care, education, transportation, manufacturing, national defense, public safety, environmental health, communications, sustainable energy systems and earth and space exploration.

Nurture the Future

Nurture the next generation of robotics researchers through innovative educational practices, in-lab experiences and mentoring in entrepreneurship that create opportunities for students to develop their creative abilities, trains them to be skilled problem solvers and prepares them to establish themselves in the robotics community and in industry.

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