Foldable Robotics

Professor Aukes will be teaching a new EGR598 class this fall called *Foldable Robotics*.

Professor Aukes will be teaching a new EGR598 class this fall called Foldable Robotics.

EGR 598 – Fall 2016 – Course 91038


Foldable Robotics is a class which comes from a new class of active robotic devices being developed in research labs across the country. These devices are designed and built using flat sheets of a wide variety of materials, and folded up to create both form and motion. This class studies these devices from initial prototype and design through implementation and optimization, with a focus on application-specific projects which seek to solve problems of cost, parallelism, complexity, and time with a relatively fast and easy prototyping method.

Foldable Robotics has origins in a class taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Design called Informal Robotics. This class allows students to delve deeper into the engineering & analytical problems associated with these devices, in topics such as Design, Manufacturing, Dynamics & Simulation, Optimization, Kinematics & Motion, and Stiffness Analysis.

As a final project, students will create a design tool in Python which allows them to focus on aspects important to their own foldable robot, which they can use to build new robots at home or in their research.Details


There are no formal prerequisites, but students should have a familiarity with programming. We will be programming in Python, which is easy to learn especially if you have programmed in something else.



Polytechnic Campus, Technology Center, Room 162


M,W,F 10:30-11:45