Robotics Resources

Learn how to access robotics resources on campus

Tempe Campus

eDroneZone Lab

Tempe Campus
Physical Education Building East (PEBE), Room 143


3D Print Lab

Tempe Campus
ECF Building, Room 103


Machine Shop

Tempe Campus
PSF Building, Room 64


Nano Fab

Tempe Campus
ERC Building, Basement


Gait-Motion Capture Lab

Tempe Campus
ECC Building, Room 117

Polytechnic Campus

The Polytechnic School, one of the six Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, is ideally equipped to help you with your next robotics project. Research on the Polytechnic campus primarily takes place in the Technology Center, which is recently expanded its research capabilities to encompass an ~ 875 square-foot motion-capture lab and three new robotics lab spaces in Fall 2016.

Startup Lab
Technology Center(TECH)

"Making" space is available in the "Startup Lab", a 15,000 square-foot general-purpose fabrication and development area in the Technology Center which houses many of the larger shared pieces of fabrication equipment which can be used for class, project, and personal use.

The Startup Lab has several important pieces of equipment as well, including: A Shop Bot Wood 3D Router, a 50 Watt Epilog Laser Engraver and Cutter, a 90-Watt large-bed Full Spectrum laser cutter, a multi-material Objet Connex3 350 printer, an Objet 30 printer, and several ABS plastic 3D printers including a Dimension Elite, a Fortus 450, a Fortus 250, a UPrint, and four Lulzbot Minis. We will also use the micro scribe digitizer probe, the 3D Scanner, Vinyl Cutter, Sewing Machine, Vacuum Former, Injection Molding Press and the variety of hand tools which are also available as needed.


Motion Capture Lab

Technology Center(TECH), Room 184

This is an ~875 Square-foot motion capture studio outfitted with a split treadmill, a vicon vision system, a video projector, and a force platform for use with research into biomechanics and robotic systems